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Commission for Nic Launceford

February 8, 2012

Just finished this commission for Nic Launceford. As a true patron of the arts Nic allowed me to create a piece for his living room while working on my new direction in painting. I’ve been inspired recently to work in the abstract. This direction allows me to let go of all common icons and create from a space of feeling, color, depth, and movement. This process becomes a self-conversation about what the painting needs and weather I have enough confidence to take it in that direction. The boldness of this direction calls for a lot of concentration and clear vision. At times I can work on a piece for hours because I know what needs to happen. Then I take a break and let it marinate a bit, let the ideas flow into place and figure out what needs to happen next.

I also have been exclusively using house paint to create this direction. It’s glossy and sometimes a bit crude and unwieldy so I have to be patient and work out the details carefully. This piece is 3’x4′ on canvas.