Painting for Eli Muir

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I created this painting for Eli Muir.  This painting was quite a struggle for me to find satisfaction. I didn’t have a plan, just a vague idea that kept changing and developing as I worked. Whenever I work, I’m always trying to challenge myself. In my head that means I need to do something different every time. While working on this piece I realized that it’s ok to do what I do best and expand in new ways of doing that thing I do best.

How one improves their art, skills and craft is by fine tuning the things they do best. Really exploring a genre until mastery has been accomplished. I know that I have a long way until mastery but I’m not daunted by this. The process is the art. To be on an uphill climb is always much more exciting than a plateau. A plateau can be comfortable for awhile but it never feels like progress so new boundaries must be found and challenged.

I am really loving this exploration of painting. With each commission I am extremely thankful that my fans and friends have allowed me to do this. To have my vision supported is really gratifying, validating and amazing. Thank you Eli for supporting this piece.

Each commission that happens this year is going to be in a show called, ‘Sam Trout, Sold Out!’ It will be a show full of commissioned works where the art on the walls is only on lend and not for sale. If you’re interested in helping this show come to fruition please consider commissioning a piece for yourself. I would love to create for you. Each person who commissions me becomes my muse. Giving us the chance to connect on a level that is very satisfying and intimate. If you’ve never commissioned a piece before I would love to walk through the process with you and create something for your home or office.

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