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New Illustrations and the end of an installation

January 13, 2011

Today we took down the installation at the Joule Apartments that was put together by myself, Celeste Cooning, Paul D McKee and Matthew Parker. We were hoping to have it up until the end of the month but the Joule apartments are starting their build out of the space so we had to vacate. It was fun while it lasted. Matthew Parker and I have decided to search for another space and a budget for another window installation. If you would like to support us please click this link to contribute.

This weekend I made some drawings for the Anchorage Press. The subject was: Things that should get the fuck out of Alaska. The illustrations here represent such things as: Joe Miller, Reality Shows, The Love Caucus, girls who wear mini-skirts and high heels in the middle of winter, people who make their dogs chase their vehicles for exercise and common law militias. It was a fun last minute assignment that I got to work on over the weekend.

Broadway Installation #2!

January 4, 2011
Broadway Install #2

At the North end of the Broadway Market

Today Matthew Parker and I installed another window installation on Broadway. This installation is in an old coffee shop at Broadway and Republican. We decided to use coffee filters to create an organic shape that gave the feeling of whimsy, elegance, underwater sea life and rolling snow hills.
We weren’t quite sure if it was going to work out. The space is not a standard shape and the coffee filters were not a medium we were used to working with. I had a feeling that the whole thing was going to fall apart on us and we were going to have nothing to show for a the hours of gluing coffee filters together. We learned quickly where our lessons needed to be learned and made some quick adjustments. In the end it pretty much ended up like I had envisioned. Fwew! What a relief.

This pic was taken before the installation as an experiment.