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I’m blogging!

October 28, 2008

Yes, blogging is keeping me extremely busy. Please hold all my calls.

new styles on the horizon

October 24, 2008

new floral style

So I’ve been drawing a lot lately and I was recently art directed into a direction that helped push my self-imposed limits. I decided to go all out and draw lots of details no matter how much time it took. The result was a new floral style for myself. Above is an example of this new direction.

I’ve recently decided to push the illustration side of my apparel work and really flex my illustration muscles and go as far as I can. We’ll see where that takes me, the gloves are off and the gate is open, see you on the other side.

The official blog has begun!

October 23, 2008


So I finally decided to add a blog to my website to add a little something extra. There will be all kinds of things you’ll find here like news about Sam Trout, new shirts, projects currently in the works, music recommendations, cool videos I find on the net (oh yeah, I find some good ones), events that you should check out, and some occasional behind the scenes stuff. Thanks for reading.